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Credit Card Guide: How Do Credit Cards Work?
Erik J. Martin

April 7, 2022

There are several types of credit cards, including rewards credit cards, business credit cards, and secured credit cards. Understanding how credit cards work can...

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Is Severance Pay Taxable? How Job Loss Affects Your Taxes
Rebecca Lake

April 5, 2022

How is severance pay taxed when you lose your job? There are no tax breaks when you lose your job.

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Why Financial Literacy Is Not Just a Buzz Term
Andrew Housser

April 18, 2019

Not so long ago, cash was the preferred method of payment for daily purchases, but times have certainly changed. As consumer shopping behaviors have evolved (think Amazon and online shopping) so has our relationship with credit cards and debt. Credit can cloud our view of spending, making it easy to forget how much we haveRead more Why Financial Literacy Is Not Just a Buzz Term

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Basic Money Management Skills Everyone Should Have
Aly J. Yale

April 14, 2022

Everyone needs basic money management skills. They can help you save money and stay out of debt.

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Are Lawsuit Settlements Taxable?
Erik J. Martin

April 13, 2022

How are lawsuit settlements taxed. Can you avoid taxes on lawsuit settlements?

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What Is Household Wealth?
Richard Barrington

March 30, 2022

What is household wealth, how is household wealth calculated, household net worth equals your assets minus liabilities

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Debt Stress is a Drain on Job Performance. Here’s What Employers Can Do About It
Sean Fox

March 9, 2022

Workers who struggle with managing debt face challenges that often spill over into the workplace. Employers can address this growing problem by embracing financial wellness benefits that improve employees’ productivity, retention...

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Personal Financial Planning: How to Make a Financial Plan
Richard Barrington

January 25, 2022

Personal financial planning means determining your current financial position, setting your goals and creating a strategy to achieve your goal.

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Debit or Credit?
Tammi Huang

October 14, 2013

Should you use debit or credit to make that purchase? It depends on a number of factors, including your personal preferences, your budget, and more.

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