How Freedom Debt Relief Works

How Freedom Debt Relief Works

End your debt stress with
our affordable program

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Reduce what you owe

Our program works by
negotiating with your creditors to
significantly reduce your debt.

What is debt relief?

Also referred to as debt negotiation and debt settlement, debt relief involves negotiating with your creditors to reduce the amount you owe so you could save money and get out of debt faster.

Debt relief isn’t bankruptcy or a loan. It’s a common business practice for resolving unsecured debts, which are debts that don’t require collateral. See which debts are eligible for our program.

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Good credit
not required

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One low monthly

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No Upfront

Simple steps to debt freedom

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Free Debt Evaluation

Let's talk about your debt goals

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Save into your Dedicated Account

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Each settlement requires your approval

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Your creditor gets paid, the debt is gone!

Process continues until all your enrolled debts are settled
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When all enrolled debts go through this process, you graduate the program and are debt-free!

Get more details on how debt relief works.

Molly B. Freedom Debt Relief client review

Molly B.

“I felt like I was really supported when I signed up with the program. It was like this is a plan that can work for you if you commit to it. I said, ‘I can do this. I can do it.’”

Helping people
across America

Our program is available across
most of the United States.

75% Coverage on map of America

Our debt relief program
can help with some types
of debt, but not all

We could help with
unsecured debts, including:

  • Green Check Mark

    Credit card debt

  • Green Check Mark

    Medical debt

  • Green Check Mark

    Personal loan debt

  • Green Check Mark

    Department store credit debt

Debt settlement can’t help
with these types of debts:

  • Red X

    Federal student loan debt

  • Red X


  • Red X

    Auto loans

  • Red X

    Utility bills

  • Red X


  • Red X


A program designed to
help you succeed

Your online Client Dashboard gives you clarity and control over your program 24/7.

Track your progress

Watch your debts shrink as they move from enrolled to negotiated to settled!

Freedom Debt Relief client dashboard
Mike M. Freedom Debt Relief client reviewt

Mike M.

“I used the Dashboard a bunch…to see that little X just waiting to turn into that little green checkmark. It was like the coolest thing. I was looking for confetti to pop out of the computer!”

A team of debt experts,
working for you

Freedom Debt Relief debt consultant

Listening to your needs

Debt relief isn’t right for everyone. That’s why before you enroll, we evaluate your debt situation to make sure Freedom Debt Relief is your best debt option.

Nicole H. Freedom Debt Relief client review

Nicole H.

“Everybody was so nice. I just felt like I was part of this huge network and family of people who really want to help other people change their lives by getting out of debt. It's fantastic.”

Why Freedom Debt Relief?

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