Client Testimonials & Reviews

Watch and learn how we have helped people transform their lives.

Client Testimonials & Reviews

Watch and learn how we have helped people transform their lives.

Gary ­­­­G.

“We worked together and they laid out a program for me to get through this.”

Julie ­­­­­­M.

“A great place for us to hit the reset button on our financial well-being.”

Kayvon P.

“The biggest mistake you fall into…. is just make the minimum payment every month.”

Anne Marie C.­­­­­­

“They didn’t seem pushy or aggressive… they made me feel really comfortable.”

Rita J.

“Everything was a very simple process… they made me feel very secure.”

Matt ­­­­W.

“Collection calls were turning into like a daily thing for me.”

More Freedom Debt Relief client reviews:

“All I have to do is make a low monthly and FDR takes care of everything, I can recommend this company to anyone who has the financial problems I had.”


“If you have any doubt about doing this please put the doubts aside. This experience has been a god send and I no longer worry myself sick about how I won’t have enough money to make the bills. Everyone is wonderful and you know they are working on your behalf to get you back on track!”


“It was hard to admit that we needed help. But unforeseen financial circumstances caused more debt than we could handle… In our research, Freedom Debt Relief stood out as one of our best choices to settle and pay up our accounts. It was still humbling and worrisome to make the first call, but Freedom was both professional and caring. We were treated with kindness, understanding, and respect. Now, we are on the road to recovery… and Freedom is a stellar companion on this journey!”


“I feel this was my best option to get out of a high debt load due to a recent divorce. I explored all my options and companies and Freedom Debt Relief was very helpful and understanding of my situation.”


“Best decision I’ve ever made. Only wish I’d done this sooner!!”


“I can’t tell you how much of a relief it is not to have to deal directly with my creditors. Whenever I receive correspondence from them or attorneys hired by them, I just fax that info to FDR and they handle the matter. It is also nice to not be getting bills from my creditors in the mail.  I am working to resolve my debts through FDR and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in a similar situation.”


“I am not a trusting person. I checked this company out before I contacted them. They are absolutely ‘for real.’ I have never dealt with a nicer group of people. I beat myself up at first for being so stupid to get in a mess like I did. They made me see there was a way out and that it happens to a lot of folks. I love and fully trust this company!”


“I’ve tried other programs before that made monthly payments absurdly high, so much so that I had to quit them and start all over again in new ones. FDR is entirely different. I didn’t have to spend hours on the phone detailing every tiny part of my budget, feeling embarrassed about my situation… Finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.”


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