Freedom Debt Relief Client Testimonials & Reviews


As the largest debt relief company in the U.S., Freedom Debt Relief has helped tens of thousands of clients become debt free. Every day, satisfied clients share testimonials and reviews about the positive experiences they’ve had with the Freedom Debt Relief program.

Freedom Debt Relief Client Testimonials & Reviews

As the largest debt relief company in the U.S., Freedom Debt Relief has helped tens of thousands of clients become debt free. Every day, satisfied clients share testimonials and reviews about the positive experiences they’ve had with the Freedom Debt Relief program.

After realizing he needed debt help, Gary called Freedom Debt Relief and got a personalized debt relief plan that led to debt freedom.

“I did make the call, and it was a difficult call to make. But within 30 seconds of talking with somebody on the phone, it started to feel better.”

Gary G.

Freedom Debt Relief helped Julie and her husband overcome heavy credit card debt after they both lost their regular income.

“I’ve experienced the quality and professionalism on a first-hand basis. And this is a great company. I really believe in this company, and I know it’s doing good for people.”

Julie ­­­­­­M.

Kayvon was so deep in debt he considered bankruptcy before he found Freedom Debt Relief. Now he’s debt free.

“Before you know it, you make big progress. Then it feels like the weight is coming off your shoulders. Once it was all paid off, it was like, wow, I don’t owe anyone anything. It is the greatest feeling.”


Kayvon P.

Freedom Debt Relief helped Anne Marie achieve her goal of getting out of credit card debt.

“[Freedom Debt Relief] made my relationship with money healthier. I don’t feel controlled by it like I used to…it doesn’t stress me out anymore.”

Anne Marie C.

Rita was suffocating with $20,000 in credit card debt. She trusted Freedom Debt Relief to help her resolve her debt.

“I knew that FDR was going to be the tool that I needed to pay off my debt. After, I felt balance, peacefulness and freedom. It’s a very good feeling.”

Rita J.

Matt was drowning in debt and dealing with collection calls until Freedom Debt Relief came to the rescue.

“Not only was I getting things paid off, I was getting them paid off so much faster than I would have then if I was just dealing with creditors.”

Matt W.

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More Freedom Debt Relief Client Reviews

The clients you’ll hear from in the reviews below chose Freedom Debt Relief because they were stuck in an endless cycle of debt and couldn’t see a way out. Some of them struggled to make minimum payments, or even found themselves behind on payments because of their heavy debt burdens. Freedom Debt Relief helped them successfully overcome debt by creating a debt relief plan customized to fit their budget and financial goals.

If you are struggling with over $10,000 in unsecured debt, Freedom Debt Relief could be right for you. Whether you’re stuck with personal loan, medical, or credit card debt that you can’t afford, our program could help you overcome debt in as little as 24-48 months.* Find out how our debt relief program has helped people just like you resolve debt faster and for less.

Since 2002, we have enrolled over 500,000 clients in our debt relief program, helping many of them get out of debt for less. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are testimonials from successful clients who have used the Freedom Debt Relief program to achieve debt freedom.

“After failing to receive help with my debt through several other outlets, I happened upon Freedom Debt Relief. The service was exceptional and the representatives were extremely helpful, thorough and professional. This is the first time I have been able to see a reasonable resolution to my 20+ years of debt!”

LeeAnn, 2/5/18

“It was hard to admit that we needed help. But unforeseen financial circumstances caused more debt than we could handle… In our research, Freedom Debt Relief stood out as one of our best choices to settle and pay up our accounts. It was still humbling and worrisome to make the first call, but Freedom was both professional and caring. We were treated with kindness, understanding, and respect. Now, we are on the road to recovery… and Freedom is a stellar companion on this journey!”

Joni, 8/11/16

“I was a little unsure of going this route to get rid of my credit card mess […] but so far they have done exactly as they had promised to do…all transactions are always available for me to see and I always must approve transaction before anything is processed…I would recommend Freedom Debt Relief to anybody wanting to have their financial freedom back again.”

Robert E., 12/26/17

“I am not a trusting person. I checked this company out before I contacted them. They are absolutely ‘for real.’ I have never dealt with a nicer group of people. I beat myself up at first for being so stupid to get in a mess like I did. They made me see there was a way out and that it happens to a lot of folks. I love and fully trust this company!”

Shirley, 7/28/16

“I was apprehensive with this concept of debt relief, but have been pleased with the results that have been happening. With the assistance of staff, the phone calls and mailings have all but stopped. The only mail I receive from my creditors is when the timely payments have been received from FDR. I have not had a bad conversation with the staff and all have been helpful and knowledgeable.”

Derah, 10/11/17

“Freedom Debt Relief is top notch. I am naturally a pessimistic man with little or no faith in others… However, I placed my faith in FDR and they delivered. Within a month they comfortably secured a settlement with monthly installments at 58% reduction than what I originally owed. If you want to place your trust in a company who will deliver, go with FDR.”

Eric S., 4/15/15

“This company is the first to actually help me with cleaning up my credit card debt. I had my doubts at first because other companies I had tried before were all talk and just wanted the fee I was paying and NEVER brought my debt under control. Working out for me – so far, so good!”

Julee B., 1/24/18

“I can’t tell you how much of a relief it is not to have to deal directly with my creditors. Whenever I receive correspondence from them or attorneys hired by them, I just fax that info to FDR and they handle the matter. It is also nice to not be getting bills from my creditors in the mail. I am working to resolve my debts through FDR and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in a similar situation.”

Richard B., 8/3/16

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