The Freedom Debt Relief Promise

At Freedom Debt Relief, we’re committed to ensuring that we only succeed when our customers succeed. That means you won’t be charged a fee until we deliver results and a settlement is authorized. We are so confident in our ability to successfully reduce your debt that if your total program settlement cost is more than the total amount of debt you enroll in our program, we’ll refund you the difference, up to 100% of our collected fees.*

You can make informed decisions.

We help you understand and compare your options for handling your debt. You choose the solution that meets your needs.

You will be set up for success.

We guide you through a personalized financial assessment and only enroll you if the results indicate the program is appropriate.

You won’t be surprised.

We use simple, easy-to-understand language to help you understand your program at every step.

You will get results

You will get results.

When you are done, if the total cost to settle your debts (with fees) is more than you owe, you will get a refund up to our total fees.

Why We’re Better

As the proven leader in debt resolution, we have resolved over $10 billion in debt — more than any other company. Our affordable program could help you resolve your debt in 24-48 months.*



Negotiating power

Creditors take us seriously because we’ve been negotiating with them for over a decade, resolving an average of 39,000 accounts a month. We use our experience and influence to negotiate bigger savings for you.

Experts on your side

Our team of highly trained debt professionals are your partners every step of the way. Whether or not you enroll in our program, they do whatever they can to empower you to reach your financial goals.


Find out if this is the right solution for you




One low monthly program deposit

You choose the amount and frequency of your deposits and have complete control over the account where they are saved. Absolutely no fees are charged until you see results.

Consumers come first

As a founding member of the American Fair Credit Council (AFCC), we promote legislation designed to tighten industry regulations and provide consumers with more transparency into debt relief options.


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