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How to Consolidate Credit Card Debt
Rebecca Lake

January 25, 2022

Credit card consolidation can make it easier to pay off credit card balances. Learn how to successfully consolidate credit card debt and avoid credit consolidation mistakes.

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Credit Card Debt Relief: What Is Credit Card Debt Forgiveness?
Richard Barrington

February 18, 2022

Are you looking for credit card debt relief? Learn how to get credit card debt forgiveness from credit card companies, banks, collection agencies or debt buyers.

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Credit Card Minimum Payment: Everything You Need to Know
Richard Barrington

March 13, 2022

Credit card companies set minimum payments low to make more money. Get out of credit card debt by paying more.

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How to Create a Credit Card Payoff Plan
Housten Donham

October 2, 2019

If you're struggling with heavy credit card debt and not sure how to pay it down, consider creating, or getting help creating, a credit card payoff plan.

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How Do Credit Cards Work?
Erik J. Martin

April 7, 2022

Learn how secured credit cards, cashback credit cards, rewards credit cards and travel credit cards work. And how to take cash advances on credit cards.

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How to Use a Secured Credit Card to Build Credit
Housten Donham

August 27, 2019

If you have poor credit, a secured credit card may be a great option for you. But you have to learn how to use a secured credit card to build credit first.

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How Soon Will Minimum Payments Pay Off My Credit Card?
Noelle Marr

September 8, 2021

Only making minimum payments on your credit card month after month? Find out how long it could take you to pay them off and how much extra it could cost.

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Credit Report vs. Credit Score – What’s the Difference?
Charla Myers

April 10, 2019

As you work to improve your finances, you may be wondering what the difference is between a credit report vs. credit score. Find out here.

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Credit Score Chart and Credit Score Range
Richard Barrington

June 27, 2022

Check your credit score and see where it falls on a credit score chart. A typical FICO credit score chart ranges from 300 - 800.

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5 Credit Score Factors You Should Know

Explore some of the most commonly asked questions about credit scores and get a deeper understanding of how they’re calculated and the steps you can take to improve your score.

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