Meet our Clients: Arrowyn A.

Meet our Clients: Arrowyn A.
BY Anna Baluch
Oct 23, 2020
Key Takeaways:
  • Arrowyn opened up about her journey and relationship with money in FDR's Q&A session.
  • For her, credit card debt built up slowly and suddenly became overwhelming.
  • Arrowyn explained that FDR helped her with money problems with these three traits: Compassion, education, and empowerment.

Freedom Debt Relief provides everyday Americans with the knowledge and resources they need to resolve their debt and move toward a better financial future. As part of our Voice of the Client series, Arrowyn A. opened up about her journey and relationship with money in our Q&A session. Read on to find out how Freedom Debt Relief has had a positive impact on her life.

Her relationship with money was always “sketchy”

Arrowyn: I have worked mostly in the nonprofit sector since 2007, then I left my job to do my own business for a couple of years working with more at-risk, inner-city, and foster kids, and that sort of thing.

FDR: What was your relationship with money and how did you feel about money?

Arrowyn: It’s been a real struggle. I think a big reason why my business ultimately did not succeed is because I don’t have that firm grasp of financial awareness or even how to promote, build, and market. I feel like my relationship to money has always been just sketchy.

FDR: Can you explain what you mean by sketchy?

Arrowyn: From 2015 to 2017 was a really tough time financially. I had to live off my credit cards a lot. That’s what eventually brought me to Freedom Debt Relief, because I just got in over my head.

She became overwhelmed by debt

Arrowyn: I’ve always been really good about paying my bills and paying them on time. I had really great credit and never missed a credit card payment and always paid a little more than the minimum. But it started to get to be too big.

FDR: Did this happen slowly over time?

Arrowyn: Yeah. It was like that frog boiling in water. I suddenly woke up and was like, “This is overwhelming.” I’d been able to keep them at a level, the credit card debt to ratio. Like not max out on any of them, but then some started maxing out. I could feel my relationship to credit cards. It’s super emotional. It’s addictive. All of that led to getting in over my head.

Then she found Freedom Debt Relief

Arrowyn: I looked into some loans…no one would give one to me. Then I was like, “What do I do? I’ve got to get out from under this.” I was scrolling, and I saw Freedom Debt Relief, and it was just one of those things where my instinct was like, “Just check it out.” And I did. They were very personable and were aware of the emotional factor. They just made me feel better about it all.

FDR: I’m glad to hear that they made you feel better.

Arrowyn: The guy that I ended up working with the most was (named) Michael… and he talked through it. He was so personable. He was so like, “Arrowyn, how are you? I’m glad you called,” every time I called. “How’s your life? What’s going on? It’s hard to be a single mom. You’re doing great. Keep going.” Things that you just don’t expect…. I almost miss talking to him now. I don’t talk to him anymore, so I was really impressed with his level of care and interpersonal dynamics. It was great.

She received the support she needed

FDR: If you had a friend who was struggling with debt and something happened in their life that pushed them over the edge and they had to rely on credit cards more and were falling behind on payments, how would you explain the Freedom Debt Relief process to them?

Arrowyn: I would say in terms of dealing with the emotional, foundational, relational stuff about money, FDR was the most understanding of all that. And they seemed to have really effective team. They have so many resources.

I’m always someone who’s like, “If it’s not your bag, get someone else to do it.” That’s who I am. If you’re someone like me like that, and you need help, and that’s okay, and you don’t mind getting help around your money, then it’s the best way to go. It eases your mind. You just get to make one payment a month, automatically deducted, and you deal with the calls, and eventually, it will all be better. It does take patience and time. It’s not a quick fix.

FDR: If you could sum up the impact that the Freedom Debt Relief program has had on you and yourself in like three words. What would they be?

Arrowyn: Compassion, education, and empowerment.

Take the first step toward debt relief

If you are struggling with debt like Arrowyn was, it’s time to take action. Freedom Debt Relief is here to help you understand your options for dealing with your debt, including our debt relief program. Our Certified Debt Consultants can help you find a solution that will put you on the path to a better financial future. Find out if you qualify right now.

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