Meet Our Clients: Maxine T.

Meet Our Clients: Maxine T.
BY Anna Baluch
Sep 14, 2020
Key Takeaways:
  • FDR with Maxine T., who graduated from the program in early 2020, spoke with FDR in a Q&A session.
  • Maxine got into debt by steadily adding charges and making minimum payments.
  • She liked the fact that FDR would negotiate not just for her, but for a group of people,

Freedom Debt Relief strives to help everyday Americans resolve their debts and create brighter financial futures and through our Voice of the Client series, we invite you to meet some of those Americans. Today we’re sharing our conversation with Maxine T., who graduated from the program in early 2020.

Read on to learn how Maxine’s relationship with debt went from powerless to powerful, and what lessons she learned through her journey in the FDR program.

Minimum payments started her slide into debt

FDR: Did you have challenges managing your credit cards in your younger years?

Maxine: No. I was single, and I didn’t buy that much. I was able to pay my credit card bills, but I was never encouraged to pay them off. You look at the minimum, and it’s like, “Oh, okay. That’s all I have to pay?”

FDR: When did you become aware that only making minimum payments was creating a problem?

Maxine: I got to the point where I had thousands upon thousands of dollars’ worth of credit card debt. I was like, “What did I buy that cost that much?” I couldn’t even say.

I had so much credit card debt that I didn’t know what I had gotten with it. It was like, “I need to get rid of this because it’s bothering me.” And then it became a chore every time I had to pay the bills. I was like “I’m paying this big chunk of money for something I don’t even have.”

It’s not like paying for a car. At least you can see your car. But when you’re paying for stuff and you don’t even know what it’s for, you feel like you’re giving money away.

She knew she had to make a change

FDR: How long did you struggle before you looked for a solution?

Maxine: Maybe a couple of years, because of the fact that my credit was good and I didn’t feel pressure. I was able to make these minimum payments. I was steadily moving, but not fast enough. I did stop charging things. I did stop that part, but I was still paying. Then, I woke up one day and started seeing the advertisements about Freedom on Facebook.

FDR: What made you think our program was a good idea?

Maxine: The ad said Freedom would negotiate with the credit companies to lower your balances. That was the key right there. I liked the fact that they would negotiate not just for me but for a group of people, whoever happened to have accounts with these specific companies.

So that gave them [FDR] more bargaining power. Instead of getting a little bit of money from me every month, these creditors would get a big chunk. That made sense to me… It was very plain, especially after I talked to the representative there. After I talked to him, and just made me feel so comfortable that I just wanted to run out and do it right then.

FDR: While you were in the program, did you feel aware about what was happening with your debts?

Maxine: The dashboard helped a lot because you could see your progress. Things would say, “In Negotiation” or “Pending.” You could see that stuff was happening, and your money is going into this fund.

She’s managing her credit cards with ease now

FDR: Now that you’re done with the program, do you use credit cards differently?

Maxine: Oh, yeah! Definitely! Right now, I have one credit card, and that’s because you need one credit card. I use it when I need a credit card to go to a hotel, leave a deposit, etc. I pay it off every month. And that’s easy for me to do because I don’t use it much.

On a better path

FDR: How would you explain how the program works to someone who says it’s too good to be true?

Maxine: I would say: I was in the program. I had the same problem as you have. I had all these different credit cards, and I went into a program where you stop making payments to your credit companies, and you make payments to this company. They, in turn, will negotiate whatever you owe to see if the companies will accept a lesser amount.

FDR: You sound like you really understood the pros and cons and had a good experience in the program!

Maxine: Yeah. I’m happy. I’m satisfied with this. Very satisfied.

Can we help you too?

If you’re struggling with debt or simply worried about falling behind on payments, it might be time to follow Maxine’s footsteps and take action. Freedom Debt Relief is here to help you understand your options for dealing with your debt, including our debt relief program. Our Certified Debt Consultants can help you find a solution that will put you on the path to a better financial future. Find out if you qualify right now.

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