Meet Our Clients: Peggy and Howard

Meet Our Clients: Peggy and Howard
BY John Russo
May 21, 2019
Key Takeaways:
  • Peggy and Howard, a couple who used Freedom Debt Relief separately, shared their story as part of our Voice of Our Clients series.
  • Due to bad investments, loss of income, and big credit card debts they turned to FDR for debt relief.
  • FDR helped them pay off credit card debt and learn to use credit cards more prudently.

Meet Peggy and Howard Powell, who both enrolled in the Freedom Debt Relief program at different times. Howard completed his program several years ago, while Peggy chose to enroll in 2019—mainly because she saw first-hand how much it helped Howard.

In this Q&A, you’ll learn why Peggy and Howard needed our help, how the program has impacted their life, and what Peggy would say to people who are curious about Freedom Debt Relief.

Q. Your husband Howard was an FDR client years ago. What was his experience like?

“Because of some bad investments in the past and several charge card debts, he found himself sad, hopeless, anxious, distressed, and distraught. When the worry, the frustration, and the depression became too much for Howard, he knew he needed help. So, about eleven years ago, he made the call.

That call to FDR changed his life. It turned out to be a Godsend. By enrolling him in your program, you gave him a second chance to redeem himself.

Howard had two outstanding debts with FDR and when each was resolved, he felt like a huge weight had been lifted from his shoulders. Actually, we both did and after each debt was settled, we went out and celebrated. It was a great feeling for both of us.”

Q. Why did you end up enrolling in our program?

“When Howard lost his job, due to downsizing, we almost lost our house in Baltimore because we could not continue to afford our mortgage payments. We decided to sell our house and move somewhere more affordable, but because the economy was failing, we could not sell our house. Eventually we were able to do a short sale, but had to take a loss. The loss had to be claimed as income at tax time, which really put us in a bind because we ended up owing Uncle Sam a good bit of money.

After I retired in 2008, we were able to buy an older mobile home. It needed updating, so I was told I could put the improvements ($22,000.00) on my charge card. Well, years went by and because I needed to use the charge for other necessities, the amount never seemed to dwindle.

I kept telling myself that I could handle the situation. Well, I finally realized that I needed professional help, especially because my debt was causing me constant worry and sleepless nights. Finally, I knew it was time to pick up the phone and make that call. And, because of the wonderful job FDR did in Howard’s situation, I knew that call had to be to FDR!”

Q. How is the program affecting your life so far?

Calling FDR was one of the best decisions I/we have ever made. FDR took a weight off of our shoulders and gave us our freedom back. Because the worry is gone and the stress is gone, I am more relaxed, and I am back to my old self again.

Because my monthly payments to FDR are less than my monthly payments to my creditors, I am now able to save money, something I have not been able to do for many years.

Now, I am more positive. And, because I don’t dwell on my debt anymore or have to deal with creditors calling me all the time, Howard and I can spend more quality time together. I must also say that, at my age, I was afraid my debt would carry me to the grave or end up becoming Howard’s debt.”

Q. How has the program changed the way you think about your future?

“I will never put myself in credit card debt again, not ever. Most importantly, if I die, my husband won’t have to take on the burden of my debt. You will never know how much that has been hanging over my head.

We never set out to put ourselves in debt, but it happened. In fact, in this day and age, it happens too much to too many. Well, you can bet that it will never happen again (EVER) to us and it is all because we enrolled in your program and because of the work FDR has done on our behalf.

Thanks to FDR, my worry has dissolved. Because of FDR, I feel as though a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Because of FDR, I am now a happier person. Because of FDR, I am relieved and less stressed.”

Q. Is Freedom Debt Relief different from other financial companies you’ve worked with?

“In my seventy-four years, I have dealt with my share of financial institutions, but none has shown such genuine concern for their clients as FDR. Although all financial companies are in the business of making money, FDR is a prime example of the way in which a company should do business.”

Q. What is the best part of working with us?

“Wow, where do I begin?

  1. Knowing I can finally get out of debt!

  2. Dealing with such genuine, caring, and concerned people!

  3. Knowing someone hears me and is responding to my needs!

  4. Being assured that I am in good hands and can stop stressing!

  5. Knowing someday I will be out of debt!

  6. Being able to get a good night’s sleep without worrying about my creditors!

  7. Learning how to save money!”

Q. What would you tell people who are curious about Freedom Debt Relief?

The first thing I would tell others about Freedom Debt Relief is that you are an HONEST company that cares about your clients. You care about their mental state and their wellbeing.

I would tell people that what you hear from FDR is what you get–a company that works hard to get their clients out of debt. And I would tell them that they do it with sincerity, dignity, and honor. I would tell them, if they were looking for a reputable debt relief company, look no further than FDR.

Putting everything in FDR’s hands will also give you peace of mind because it releases you from any fear or retribution a creditor may cause. If you should get harassed by your creditors–because they are always trying to find ways to make you pay–FDR will step in and either take over the situation or tell you exactly what to say that will put a stop to their practices.

Most importantly, FDR will answer any questions you may have and give you any assurances you may need with just a phone call. Someone is always there to help. Now, if that doesn’t give you peace of mind, I don’t know what will.”

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