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Financial situation

Stressed and dealing with hardship

Many people struggle with debt due to events beyond their control. We negotiate with your creditors to reduce what you owe and resolve your debt. We’ll consider your hardship, such as:

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Reduced income
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Job loss
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Unexpected expenses
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Medical bills
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Other financial emergencies

A path to freedom

I felt stupid, embarassed, debilitated, frustrated - the whole nine yards [...] I called myself a closet debtor because my family, my friends, and even my children didn’t know of my situation. But once I got started in this program, I felt that I finally found a path to the end of my debt load.

Melissa N.*

Freedom Debt Relief program graduate, 2020

Melissa N

...I was at the lowest point in my life emotionally, physically, and financially. It was Keisha [FDR Debt Consultant] who gave me hope at a time when there wasn’t a lot I trusted in this world...

Kristi W.*

Freedom Debt Relief program graduate, 2020

Kristi W

Knowing that in 3 years…I could be debt free. At the rate I was going, it would have taken me 10 to 15 years. I feel like there are so many possibilities and options for me now that I didn’t think I had before.

Alejandra L.*

Freedom Debt Relief program graduate, 2019

Alejandra L.

*Actual clients. Clients' endorsements are paid testimonials. Individual results are not typical and will vary.

Debt impact

Worried about the future

If you’re using credit cards for day-to-day expenses and unable to save, it can put a strain on your future. Our program helps you take control of your debt and start saving.

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of Americans are not financially healthy and could need help

Source: Financial Health Network 2021

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don’t have enough savings to cover 3 months of expenses

Source: Financial Health Network 2021

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are unable to pay all their bills on time

Source: Financial Health Network 2021

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say their financial life affects mental health

Source: Merrill Edge Report 2019

Debt relief

Give yourself the life you want

Clients who complete the Freedom Debt Relief program say by moving on from their debt, they have more confidence to live the lives they want.

Improve your life


of FDR graduates feel they can take action to improve their quality of life

Improve your relationships


of FDR graduates report being able to build strong and healthier relationships

Source: Assessing the Social Impact of Freedom Debt Relief, Arizona State University, Seidman Research Institute 2019

Move forward

Receive a personalized plan

We help create a debt relief plan that is tailored to what you can afford during your financial recovery.

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