Ways to Save Money During the Pandemic That We Didn’t Expect

Ways to Save Money During the Pandemic That We Didn’t Expect
BY Anna Baluch
Sep 28, 2020
Key Takeaways:
  • Many of us were able to save money during COVID lockdown.
  • We saved on commuting costs and recreation and estaurant meals.
  • It's a good idea to put that savings toward debt repayment.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live our everyday lives and how we manage our finances. Thanks to quarantines, work from home, and less travel, many of us have been able to save money in ways we didn’t quite expect.

We asked several of our Freedom team members to share examples of surprising savings, as well as ways they’ve learned to control their expenses and keep more cash in their pockets this year. Hopefully, some of what they share below helps you better manage your finances during the pandemic recession, and beyond.

How We Saved

Because I am driving much less due to our work from home policy, I called up my car insurance provider to ask if there were any savings/discounts I wasn’t aware of, since I’m no longer commuting to work. They let me know I qualified for several discounts that dropped my monthly payment quite significantly!

Jordan Figueroa, Customer Service SME/FDR Client Experience

Working remotely has given my family savings in a few different ways. Fewer take-out meals and not driving to work, school, or other activities has saved us a ton. Every summer we spent at least $1,000 in summer camps, something we didn’t do this year. Combine that with less money spent on formal office attire, and we have saved a lot of money over the past months.

Rama Parandekar, Management Analyst

Like so many others, not driving has saved us a lot of money on gas and car upkeep. The surprise savings came when we also realized we could cancel our monthly subscriptions for satellite radio and save on regular car washes. We found more savings since working and schooling virtually mean not having to spend as much on clothing (something a mom thinks is a huge win). Even more surprisingly, seeing the fragility of life in this pandemic has had a silver lining — purchasing life insurance and bundling our insurance plan has saved us over $150 each month.

Melissa Whitlatch, Sr. Recruiter, Talent Acquisition

It’s a common idea, but the first item that saved us money was the disappearing commute. The next savings came because we were able to pull our kids out of daycare. But maybe most important change in how we managed our finances came from the way we were able to pay attention to our money. Being home allowed us to sit down and review multiple months of spending and take more advantage of our efforts to lower our debts. We found more savings because we don’t eat out very much anymore, and stretch the food we have at home out to multiple dinners and lunches. Our savings are really the result of what we think is a more conscious way of living and spending.

Bryon Smith, Technology Support Associate

The pandemic quarantine has decimated all live cultural and sporting events for us, and our community. We took 50% of the funds we received from ticket refunds and donated them to local museums and musicians’ funds, and put the rest in our savings account. This has not only saved us a great deal of money, but allowed us to help others who have been impacted. We look forward to using the money we put away to attend events in 2021 and beyond.

Sara Hollister, Recruiting Manager

Get creative with your money-saving journey

As you can see from our team members, creativity, commitment, and even generosity to those less fortunate can help you manage money during the pandemic in a way that could benefit you and your family far into the future. If you take a closer look at your budget, income, and lifestyle you may find new ways to control expenses, and stretch your money as much as possible. After all, you work hard for your money and deserve the chance to make it work for you.

Save money and get out of debt during the pandemic era

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