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Debt and Divorce

Posted in: Debt

We all know how fairy tales are supposed to end. You find the person of your dreams, get married, and live happily ever after. For some people, this really does happen, but for millions of others, this fantasy is cut short. So many marriages end in divorce these days, and along with the pain that
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How to Choose a Debt Relief Company

Posted in: Debt Relief

Dealing with debt is hard, but it’s not something you have to do alone. If you feel like you aren’t making progress and want to work with a debt relief company, here are some things to keep in mind. Shop around. It really pays to do your homework. Choosing a debt relief partner isn’t a
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Freedom Family: Ernest Auger

Posted in: Debt Settlement

Get to know the team behind Freedom Debt Relief! Today, we will highlight Ernest Auger. “My name is Ernest Auger, and I joined Freedom Debt Relief in September 2012. I am currently an Account Executive in the New Enrollment Department. The majority of my day is invested in handling consultations over the phone with potential clients
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7 Ways to Fix Your Credit

Posted in: Credit Score

Some of you may be thinking, I’m still young, so why should I care about my credit score? Lots of people have debt and less than stellar credit, but they’re still enjoying a cushy lifestyle. As long as I’m able to buy the things that I want, why should I be concerned? The answer is
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Freedom Debt Relief – Ellen’s Story

Posted in: Debt Settlement

The house is falling apart. The car is breaking down. There are bills to pay, mouths to feed, and a mountain of debt growing. Unfortunately, this is a reality for too many Americans. This is also a story that my friend, Ellen*, is all too familiar with. Ellen is an amazing person. She’s a cancer
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3 Reasons People Stay In Debt

Posted in: Debt

People get into debt for various reasons, sometimes for things beyond their control. Though it may not be easy, some debtors will take the necessary steps to resolve debt, learn from their experiences, and make the effort to live within their means. Then there are others who can’t seem to avoid debt, no matter how
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Debt, Diets, and Dinosaurs

Posted in: Debt

Overeating and debt have a lot in common.  Like the facility of chugging ice-cold eggnog, it’s easy to charge things on your credit card in a frenzy of impulse buys. For instance, the act of going to the grocery store on an empty stomach can encompass both gluttony and spendthrift. As your stomach is growling
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Financial Lessons from the Hunger Games

Posted in: Debt

A few weeks ago, I went to see the second movie in The Hunger Games franchise, Catching Fire. Yes, I may be a little bit biased but it really was amazing! If you haven’t seen the movies or read the books yet, I’ll give you fair warning – now’s the time to turn back. There
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    Whether you’re a financial expert or just starting to learn about personal finance, managing your money can be hard. How is your credit score calculated? How important is it? These tips could help answer those questions and help you improve your financial well-being.* 1. Make a Budget Evaluating your financial situation is the best way
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  • 5 Facts About Debt Collection Calls You Need to Know

    It’s hard enough to be in heavy debt. But if you’ve fallen behind and creditors or debt collection agencies are calling you at home or work, your stress levels could be at an all-time high. You might feel confused, angry, or even guilty about these calls. But have you ever considered that your creditors might
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  • 5 Not-So-Smart Ways to Pay Off Debt

    Debt payoff is a great goal—whether it’s student loans or credit cards, eliminating what you owe can help you feel free. Any effort to pay off debt is worth the work, yet some types of repayment might make your debt problem worse. As you take control of your debt, learn the repayment tactics to avoid
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  • A Credit Score Quiz: 5 Questions

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