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10 Money-Saving Vacation Hacks

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You work really hard, so it’s important to stop every once and a while to relax and recharge on a vacation with family or friends. But if you are also trying to pay off debt, taking a trip can bring up feelings of guilt about spending money. Plus, while you’re on vacation, it can be
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4 Facts That Could Help You Keep Old Debt in the Past

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Here’s some good news for people with old, unpaid debt: your debt may have already expired under the statute of limitations! Expired debt, also known as time-barred debt, zombie debt, or out-of-statute debt, could be harder for creditors to collect. That doesn’t mean they won’t try to get you to pay it back, though. The
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Adorable, Affordable Easter Egg Craft Project

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Here’s a unique, budget-friendly way to create the cutest eggs around. Forget the messy dyes and expensive craft kits. With just a few materials that can be found at home, you can create your very own Easter egg animal farm! All you’ll need are some eggs, cotton balls, construction paper or felt, pipe cleaners, glue,
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The Best Place to Work (And Hiring)!

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Freedom Debt Relief is proud to be a part of the Freedom Financial Network, which was recently ranked No. 1 in the Extra-Large category of the Phoenix Business Journal’s Best Places to Work awards program. Learn more about why the company is growing so quickly why we plan to hire 1,000 employees at our Tempe office this year. Read more

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