If you’re worried about your debt, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans struggle with debt every year. And America’s debt situation is only getting worse, with credit card debt reaching a whopping $1 trillion in early 2017.

What’s causing America’s debt crisis? Flat wages, reliance on credit, and the inability to pay off debt puts the average American at a higher risk to be stuck in the red than ever before.

Follow the money and you’ll see why so many people are suffering. Wages have remained stagnant over the past 5 years, but the cost of living has increased during that time. Since most Americans barely have enough money to cover everyday expenses, they’re forced to dig themselves deeper into debt if they need to pay for an unexpected financial hardship.

In fact, a Federal Reserve study says that in 2016, 44% of people surveyed didn’t have enough money saved to pay a hypothetical emergency expense of $400. As a result, many of them would have to turn to credit cards, loans, or other forms of debt to cover it.

If people don’t have enough money to save for emergencies, where is all their money going? It’s most likely being used to keep their finances afloat. In 2015, BankRate.com found that the top financial priority for 38% of Americans was to stay current on their bills. 21% were focused on paying down debt. And only 18% of people surveyed said their top priority was saving for the future.

If you’re struggling with debt, these numbers might not be all that surprising to you. They may even describe you pretty well. But while there’s no shame in being in debt, ignoring the problem won’t fix it. Over time, it could get even worse. Every day at Freedom Debt Relief, we talk to hundreds of people who are struggling to pay off debt. They all have different stories, but they all have the same goal: to get out of debt.

We hear people loud and clear when they describe how hard it is to be stuck making minimum payments each month and feeling like they’re never going to get ahead. To help, we created a debt settlement program that helps people solve their debt problems faster than making minimum payments. And since it doesn’t involve a debt consolidation loan, great credit isn’t required to enroll.

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