In the Classroom: Freedom Financial Network Connects With Students at Griffith Elementary’s Personal Finance Day

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For one day, at one elementary school in Phoenix, personal finance was the only topic. Nearly 50 Freedom Financial Network employees came together for an all-day teaching event at Griffith Elementary. The program, in partnership with Junior Achievement of Arizona works to change students’ lives by helping them understand business and economics at age-appropriate levels.

Linda Luman, SVP Human Resources, at Griffith Elementary

Employees-turned-teachers took the students through activity-based lessons that included games, visuals, and physical activities in the classroom. The day began with learning the importance of saving and giving, then moved to the basics of global economics.

By the end of the day, third-graders created a business plan to open a local restaurant. Through it all, Freedom Financial Network employees helped students understand how to apply money management skills across a wide variety of disciplines.

Financial literacy education in Arizona recently received a boost in Arizona, when Governor Doug Ducey signed Senate Bill 1184 into law, making personal finance a requirement for high school students. The bill, which Freedom Financial Network supported requires that at least half of a credit in an economics class be devoted to financial literacy and personal financial management.

Michael Micheletti serves as the Director of Corporate Communications at Freedom Financial Network where he is responsible for the strategic communications planning, knowledge dissemination and outreach to key consumer audiences. Before joining Freedom he held a variety of high profile communication and consumer education roles focusing on healthcare, tax and housing. He is a former reporter for FOX News, CNN and served as news director for Clear Channel Radio San Francisco.