Freedom Debt Relief Provides Online Resource for Lender Assistance Programs


Freedom Debt Relief Provides Online Resource for Lender Assistance Programs

March 24, 2020

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SANMATEO, Calif., March 24, 2020 – As COVID-19 begins to seriously impact thehealth and livelihood of consumers throughout the country, FreedomDebt Relief (FDR) has published a comprehensive online resource of contact informationfor lender hardship assistance.

“As a service to allAmericans, we have compiled this resource to help those who are financiallyimpacted reach their creditors more rapidly and efficiently,” says Sean Fox,president of FDR. “As the virus spreads and affects workers in every economicsector, we anticipate a massive need for creditor assistance.”

Fox recalls early 2019, when800,000 federal employees missed paychecks during the U.S. government shutdown.Banks, utility companies, telecom providers, credit card companies and otherswaived late fees, offered deferred-payment plans, provided no-interest loansand other plans for affected workers. “The assistance programs offered were ona scale we had not seen before, and the results made a real difference to manyworkers and their families,” he explains. “The assistance needs from theCOVID-19 crisis will be even greater.”

Freedom Debt Relief’s onlineresource includes website URLs and phone numbers for assistance programsand information from the largest U.S. consumer lenders in the followingareas.

  • Credit card issuers

  • Student loan lenders (private and government)

  • Auto loan lenders

  • Mortgage lenders

The resource currentlycontains information for more than 80 lenders, and will be updated asadditional hardship programs and government assistance become available. Foxencourages anyone facing payment difficulties to contact their lender promptly.“Consumers should not feel hesitant to call and ask about hardship programs oroptions for individual assistance,” he says, “Reach out before you get behindand into trouble. Your lender may be able to offer substantial help.”