Debt Consolidation: Kansas City Residents Have Options Available

August 3, 2022

Kansas City is the largest city in the U.S. state of Missouri. So, it’s no wonder why it attracts robust industries including manufacturing, education, government, healthcare and professional services. It’s also a hotbed of excitement, with things-to-do like the Worlds of Fun theme park, zoo, and Crown Center museum and shopping area. But it can be hard to love Kansas City when you are burdened by debt.

An Introduction to Debt Relief

If you are struggling with debt in Kansas City (or in surrounding areas of Blue Springs, Lawrence, Overland Park, Olathe, etc.), you might be happy to hear there are option to relieve your debt. Below are just a handful of examples. For more information on how each of these debt relief options might affect you, call 800-910-0065. A certified debt consultant will be more than happy to help you navigate your options.

Debt Consolidation in Kansas City

Do you have debts with multiple creditors? Are you struggling to keep up with a plethora of payments and due dates? Kansas City residents with an excess of $10,000 in debt might be interested in debt consolidation. Debt consolidation puts all your various debts together under one loan. This makes it easier for debtors to pay down what they owe through one simple monthly payment. So, instead of juggling a number of bills from a number of creditors, you pay one bill to a debt consolidation company.

Call or visit Freedom Debt Relief to see if debt consolidation is right for you.

Other Forms of Debt Relief

Even if debt consolidation isn’t right for your financial situation, there are other opportunities to help your find financial freedom. Review the other forms of debt relief below.

  • Credit Counseling Credit counseling is advice when you need it. While credit counselors can’t wave a magic wand and make your debt disappear, they can point you in the right direction when it comes to personal finances. He or she may help you build a feasible budget, find free workshops or educational resources in your area, or shed some light on your credit score. It’s a very good service for those who have questions and want answers.

  • Debt Management Occasionally, a credit counselor will recognize that your debt issues need the next level of assistance. In these cases, he or she may point you towards a debt management program (DMP). The programs can help you pay down unsecured debts, such as outstanding credit card dues and personal loans. If you have trouble making timely payments or just want to handle your debt in a more workable way, debt management might be for you.

  • Debt Settlement If your dues are far and beyond your ability to pay them, a debt settlement company might be able to negotiate down the total owed. In many cases, this is considered a win-win for all involved. Debtors agree to pay a certain amount of the total, and the creditor agrees to “forgive” the rest; rather than not be paid at all. While this can have considerably negative consequence on your credit score, it can provide breathing room for those struggling to pay their debts.

  • Bankruptcy If your debts are sky-high and there is no possible way of paying them off, it might be time to examine bankruptcy. Keep in mind, however, that bankruptcy is a last-ditch effort to escape one’s debt. This is because bankruptcy can, in some cases, require debtors to relinquish their assets and will stain one’s credit score for years to come. Be sure to explore your other options before declaring bankruptcy. There may be opportunities and alternative debt relief solutions you have yet to explore.


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