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How to Improve Your Financial Well-Being

Posted in: Budgeting, Credit Score, Goals, Money

Whether you’re a financial expert or just starting to learn about personal finance, managing your money can be hard. How is your credit score calculated? How important is it? These tips could help answer those questions and help you improve your financial well-being.* 1. Make a Budget Evaluating your financial situation is the best way
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A Credit Score Quiz: 5 Questions

Posted in: Credit Score

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7 Ways to Fix Your Credit

Posted in: Credit Score

Some of you may be thinking, I’m still young, so why should I care about my credit score? Lots of people have debt and less than stellar credit, but they’re still enjoying a cushy lifestyle. As long as I’m able to buy the things that I want, why should I be concerned? The answer is
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Cost of Making Minimum Payments

Posted in: Credit Score

These days, people just buy, buy, buy with the belief that as long as they make minimum payments on their credit cards, they’ll be OK…but I beg to differ. Yes, if you are making minimum payments on your accounts, your credit score won’t be negatively impacted and you’ll look decent on paper. The good thing
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Debit or Credit?

Posted in: Credit Score

“Will you be paying with debit or credit?” That’s the one question I get asked almost every day. When it comes to paying with plastic, there are debates about which one is better. Generally, I prefer to pay with credit but the decision to hand over your debit or credit card really depends on the
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Does Paying Off Debt Improve Your Credit Profile?

Posted in: Credit Score

Many people who have debt problems often suffer from a bad credit profile as well. It’s a double whammy and definitely something that needs to be taken care of. So, how do you approach the issue? One obvious way to address your credit profile is to pay your bills on time, and when possible, in
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What Happens To Credit Card Debt If You Move Abroad?

Posted in: Credit Score

Credit Card Debt – You can run but you can’t hide. Sometimes, people acquire credit card debt because of poor decisions. Other times, it is a result of factors beyond their control. Regardless, unmanageable credit card debt is detrimental to financial health and needs to be dealt with. So, what if you’ve amassed so much
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Credit Card Debt

Posted in: Credit Score

Credit Card Debt – a little story… Over the weekend, I was sitting on the train on my way to a baseball game. There were two women sitting behind me, and although I didn’t mean to eavesdrop (They were VERY loud!), I couldn’t help but listen to their conversation. My sentiments turned from feeling badly
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Credit Cards – Are They Necessary?

Posted in: Credit Score

Have you ever imagined what life would be like if the concept of credit and credit cards didn’t exist? Well, not too long ago, people primarily used cash to pay for things. That’s how I grew up, and that’s how my parents taught me to think about money. If you didn’t have the cash to
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