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Debt Settlement or Bankruptcy?

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Many people who come to Freedom Debt Relief ask us what the pros and cons are of debt settlement versus bankruptcy. They often wonder which would be more advantageous. Is one process “easier” than the other? Unfortunately, that isn’t something that we can immediately answer. While debt settlement is often considered a great alternative to
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Debt Relief or Bankruptcy?

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You’re struggling to make your payments. The amount you owe keeps piling up. You feel like no matter what you do, you can’t make any progress on your debt. After a while, you despair over the sacrifices you’ll need to make in order to stay afloat. Is bankruptcy the only option, or is there another
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How to Avoid Bankruptcy (Not Just the Financial Kind)

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People always categorize debt as simply a picture of one’s financial status. And I would be lying if I didn’t hear the sound of an inauspicious spin of Wheel of Fortune every time I hear the word bankrupt. We get it – when you owe your creditors thousands of dollars, you are in financial debt,
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Bankruptcy Alternative – Don’t Be Like Detroit!

Posted in: Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Alternative – City matters are much like personal matters. Do you ever read the news and wonder how entire cities can file for bankruptcy? Just last week, Detroit earned the dubious honor of becoming the largest city in the United States to file for bankruptcy – for $18.5 billion. This article from the Washington
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