Debt Consolidation: Fort Collins Residents Have Options Available

August 3, 2022

The cost of living in Fort Collins, Colorado at 129.2 is above the national average of 100, but lower than the rest of the state, which is 132. Like many expensive cities, housing is the biggest factor influencing the difference. Housing is at 202 on the scale, compared to Colorado in general at 192 and the US at 100. Fort Collins home values have gone up 4.7% over the past year and it’s predicted they will continue to rise. The median home price in Fort Collins is $425,000.

Other living expenses tracked on the index like groceries, health care costs, transportation and utilities are all just on the negative side of 100. Fort Collin’s water and electric rates are among the lowest in the state and nation. The city continually meets or surpasses all state and federal water quality standards and was first in Colorado to offer sustainable energy.

Fort Collins Top Ten Employers:

  • Colorado State University

  • Hewlett Packard

  • Poudre Valley Health System

  • Poudre School District

  • Agilent

  • City of Fort Collins

  • Eastman Kodak

  • Larimer County

  • Avago Technologies

  • Columbine Health Systems

You may be employed by one of the above companies, you may be employed elsewhere, or you may not even have a job currently, but there’s one thing a big section of the population in Fort Collins has in common—and that’s a mountain of debt to their name. Debt can cause stress and worry and even shame sometimes.

The bad news is that it has reached epidemic proportions in certain areas. The good news is that there are solutions available. Depending on your situation, the answer could be debt settlement, debt counseling or debt consolidation. Call Freedom Debt Relief at 800-910-0065 now and ask for your free debt evaluation. It’s the first step in becoming debt free, so why put it off any longer?

Which Debt Relief Solution Is Right for You?

As mentioned, there are multiple options available. Choosing the best one for you depends on various factors including the size of your debt, how much you earn, how fast you’re able to clear the debt, and how disciplined you are on a budget.


Request a free debt evaluation to find out how we could help you:

  • Resolve your debt faster
  • Significantly reduce what you owe
  • Make one low monthly program payment

Here’s an overview of what may be available to you in Fort Collins.

Debt Consolidation:

You take out one loan to pay off all your debt. This loan can have a lower interest rate than what you pay on your cards. You make fixed monthly payments until the loan is paid off.


  • One regular monthly payment

  • Terms are usually flexible

  • Won’t affect your credit


  • Won’t work if your credit score is low

  • You still owe the debt

  • Consumers achieve varied results

Credit Counseling:

A counselor reviews your financial situation, sets up lower interest rates with your creditors if possible, and creates a debt management plan for you to follow.


  • One monthly payment

  • Lower rates and fees

  • No collection calls


  • Lenders may consider you a credit risk

  • Your principal debt is not reduced

  • Your credit card accounts will be closed

Debt Settlement:

Working with a reliable company like Freedom Debt Relief, you make monthly deposits into an account. The company negotiates with your creditors to accept a smaller amount than you actually owe. That amount is then paid to the creditors until the debt is resolved.


  • Significant savings

  • One low monthly program deposit

  • Faster than minimum payments


  • Debt collection calls

  • Can impact your credit

  • Results can vary

When you’re trying to figure out which method will work best for you, it can help to speak with someone with years of experience in the field. The Certified Debt Consultants at Freedom Debt Relief have helped thousands of consumers over the years become debt free.

Debt in Fort Collins and the US

Colorado ranks 7th in the nation for individual consumer credit card debt. The average debt is $9,108. But keep in mind, since that’s median amount, that there are many residents in Fort Collins and other cities in the state that owe a lot more than that. Nationwide credit card debt has been mounting over the last decade.

But the percentage of consumers carrying debt has gone down. What this means is that the people with debt are carrying even larger amounts. The average American today holds 52 percent more debt today than they did 10 years ago.

Make today the first day of the rest of your financial life! Whether it’s debt consolidation or one of the other methods, you’ll feel lighter knowing you’re headed toward financial freedom. Contact Freedom Debt Relief now at 800-910-0065 for a free debt consultation.

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