Debt Consolidation Services Available in Delaware

August 16, 2022

On paper, Delaware, as a place to live, looks like an attractive proposition when it comes to incomes and lifestyles. The Mid-Atlantic state comes in at position nine on the top ten list of richest states in the country.

Of course, not all Delaware residents are doing well financially. Based on Freedom Debt Relief’s June 2022 Credit Card Utilization Data, the average credit card utilization of people looking for debt relief in Delaware is 71%. By comparison, per Experian, the average credit card utilization in the US in 2021 was 25%. High credit card utilization, in general, implies a greater likelihood of needing debt relief services. If you’re ready to start clearing your debt, there are various methods, including debt consolidation, that could work for you, depending on your situation.

The factors to consider are:

  • The amount of your debt

  • The type of debt

  • How quickly you’d like to clear the debt

  • Your credit score

  • The type of payments you could sustain

Credit Scores and Debt Consolidation Loans

Having a good credit score can net you better rates—thus saving you money—on many of life’s big ticket items. For example, a higher credit score will enable you to get a lower mortgage rate and a lower APR on your auto loan. The same holds true for debt consolidation loans. To allow you to get a loan with favorable terms and interest rates, you need to have a good-to-great credit score otherwise you could end up paying higher interest than the rates on your cards. However, there are other debt-clearing solutions available even if your credit is not that great, so don’t give up— it’s still possible to become debt free.

In addition to debt consolidation there are a number of relief solutions in your area. Delaware is home to a number of companies. To find your path to financial freedom, just follow these steps:

Call Freedom Debt Relief at 800-910-0065 . You’ll receive a free debt evaluation. Our Certified Debt Consultants can help you find the right solution for your specific circumstance.

Choose a debt solution. Our Certified Debt Consultants will consider all the details of your financial situation and advise you on the best way forward when they give you the free evaluation.

Follow through to financial liberation. No matter what you choose—debt consolidation, debt settlement, debt counseling, or any other solution, the most important part is that you follow the requirements in a reliable and consistent manner. There’s nothing easy about resolving massive debt, but it can be achieved. And the rewards that come from being debt-free will be all the sweeter.


Request a free debt evaluation to find out how we could help you:

  • Resolve your debt faster
  • Significantly reduce what you owe
  • Make one low monthly program payment

It costs more to live in Delaware than many other places in the country. The median price of homes for sale is $277,900. The good news is, that if you do own a home values went up nine percent in 2017. Renters in the First State can expect to pay, on average, $1,300 a month.

No matter whether you’re a homeowner or renter, with the high cost of living, it’s easy to find yourself with substantial debt. Thousands of Delawareans are in the same boat, so don’t feel bad. There are various ways to get back on track financially. If a debt consolidation loan isn’t the answer for you, one of the other options like debt settlement may work.

Delaware Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations on credit card debt starts when you fail to make your last payment. In Delaware, it ends three years after this date for most types of debt. This includes promissory notes such as mortgages, and written contracts like medical bills, loans, and bounced checks. If you plan to wait for your debt to expire, be aware that the clock on the Statute of Limitations can be reset if you make even one small payment toward the debt or admit to the debt in writing.

Rather than waiting years for your debt to expire and having to field stressful calls from collection agencies, consider using one of the debt-clearing options available to Delaware residents. Take the first step by speaking with a Certified Debt Consultant today to find out what your options are. Call 800-910-0065 now!

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