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Debt, Diets, and Dinosaurs

Overeating and debt have a lot in common.  Like the facility of chugging ice-cold eggnog, it’s easy to charge things on your credit card in a frenzy of impulse buys. For instance, the act of going to the grocery store on an empty stomach can encompass both gluttony and spendthrift. As your stomach is growling
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Refined Debt

Do you ever wonder if refined, British people can, in actuality, really be the product of massive amounts of personal debt? But of course. On November 20, RT News reported that the “total personal debt in the U.K. has reached record highs – 1.4 trillion pounds, a new report has shown.” The article goes on
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Small Business Debt

Opening up a small business always seems like a good idea: it helps the local economy, provides jobs and lets you, the owner, do something that you’re passionate about. In fact, Freedom Debt Relief started out as a small business with only five employees. Now, while we are a mid-sized company, our passion for debt
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Wise About Debt

Do you ever browse your credit card statements from months ago and reflect on how you got into debt in the first place? Well, if you’re like me, you did this last Friday. I do not have massive amounts of debt, but I do have the ever-revolving $1,000.00 that I owe to Barclays. Looking over
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A 401 (What!?) Plan

Yesterday I got a package in the mail labeled “Time Sensitive Transition Information Enclosed.” Since it was larger than a regular sized envelope and not from a bill collector, I quickly rushed to tear it open. After a cursory read with the words 401K plan, risk, diversify, vest, and blackout period popping out at me,
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(Less) Extreme Couponing

We’ve all seen it: the determined woman in the super market line, with her bag of coupons. Through dedication and a little bit of time, she saves a substantial amount of money on groceries because of her coupon clipping abilities. I always think to myself, “Good for her! I should start clipping coupons too.” It
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Debt and Studying Abroad

After graduating from college, I had a minor bout of credit card debt. As much as I would like to admit that I racked up my balances from textbooks and other educational fundamentals, in all honesty, it was the semester in France where I stuffed my face with fresh-made croissants, choked down liters of Belgian beer,
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