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BY Michael Micheletti
Mar 24, 2020
 - Updated 
Apr 29, 2021

At Freedom Debt Relief, our mission is to help everyday Americans move forward towards a better financial future. During this pandemic, our priorities are ensuring the financial wellbeing of our customers and the health of our employees.

The COVID-19 pandemic is triggering financial hardships for many Americans; reduction in work hours, job loss, and creating an uncertain financial future.

That’s why we have taken the following steps to ensure that Freedom Debt Relief continues to offer our services to any qualifying consumer who wants our help with their debt:

  • We have transitioned the majority of our employees to working from home for the duration of the pandemic, providing them with all the tools and technology they need to do their jobs effectively and securely.

  • For those employees whose roles do not allow them to work remotely, we are continuing to provide a safe, regularly sanitized work environment where social distancing is enforced.

  • We are continually monitoring and following recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and state and local governments in California and Arizona, where we have office locations.

To our clients, we stay committed to helping you overcome your debt without any interruption in your program services.

To the many Americans who now have financial hardship due to the impact of COVID-19, we stand ready to serve as your partner.

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