The Season of Giving: How We Will Give Back This Year

The Season of Giving: How We Will Give Back This Year
BY Tanya Sotos
Dec 14, 2020
Key Takeaways:
  • The holidays are traditional times for giving.
  • For many, giving means making contributions to charity.
  • Other ways of giving include volunteering and just cheering people up.

The winter holidays usher in a time for family, fun, and giving of all kinds. The season of giving usually kicks off around “Giving Tuesday” in November, and continues throughout the December holidays. With all the challenges and hardships of 2020, this might be a difficult year for many to give to charity the way they usually do. So we decided to ask our team, how will you contribute during the season of giving in 2020?

The FreedomDebt Relief team had some wonderful ideas to share, and some creative ways to give back, even if we are a bit more stretched financially than usual. We also included links to some of our favorite charities, so please keep reading for more thoughts on what giving means this year.

We start by giving time and money to charities that mean the most to us

Food Insecurity for Americans is at an all-time high. I have been donating to The Farmlink Project and reaching out to our own family members. Love and help begins at home. – Henri Dawes, Sr. Director, Learning an Development

I will be giving back by volunteering with and donating to Rescue a Golden of Arizona. As the former President, this charity is close to my heart. I have intimate knowledge and understanding of why it is so important to help animals, after all, they can’t help themselves. – Heather Marcom, Sr. Director, Talent Acquisition

I feel very blessed that I am in a position to help others. I am going to make a donation to the Valley of the Sun United Way. My donation will be doubled by Freedom, making an even greater impact. – Loretta O’Donnell, Sr. Recruiter

This year I will be financially supporting the World Central Kitchen which provides over 250,000 fresh meals each day to those without consistent access to food. If you happen to be tight on money this year, but still want to help your community, consider donating anything you no longer need like kitchen items, books, clothes, or furniture. – Jordan Figueroa, Client Services Coach

But giving to others doesn’t have to cost a thing

Share a smile! They are free, yet priceless. – Leonetha Ward, Client Advocate

Call a friend or family member to tell them you were thinking of them and why you are grateful for them! During such a busy season, sometimes the most valuable gift you can give is your time. – Lauren Moore, Client Services Supervisor

In these trying times, I’ll be writing personalized Christmas cards to my friends and family to show that I’m thinking of them. Remember how precious time is and to always care for those around you. – Andrew Liam, Recruiter

During these tough times, reach out to those friends and family that do not have anyone who lives close to them. You can contact loved ones on Zoom or FaceTime so you can see and talk to each other. Even though we cannot spend time together in the same place, it is still so important to help people feel a sense of togetherness. – Danielle Sharpley-Willis, Supervisor, Client Experience

How are you giving back?

Are you fortunate enough to be able to give your money or your time to those in need? Celebrating the season of giving is even more rewarding and fun if you are able to spread warmth and cheer to those who need it even a little more than you do. From the Freedom Family to yours, may your holidays be merry, bright and safe, this year.

Watch our team talk about how they will give back right here.

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