I was hesitant to participate in a debt reduction program. After four months I got my first settlement offer! Follow the program! It works!

Enrique V.

I would have never imagined that the FDR team could achieve such as tremendous debt reduction in the first three settlements. I’m very happy by knowing that I’m approaching fast to a debt free life. Thousand thanks to all FDR team, sincerely.


Freedom Debt Relief handled three credit card debts for me. They managed to negotiate 33% reductions on two and 75% on the third. Two of the have been satisfied and the last one will be in the fall of 2018 leaving me credit card debt free. It has been a long, but successful, haul.

Julee B.

This company is the first to actually help me with cleaning up my credit card debt. I had my doubts at first because other companies I had tried before were all talk and just wanted the fee I was paying and NEVER brought my debt under control. Working out for me – so far, so
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Robert M.

I have been a client now for over a year. I’m very satisfied with the way they take care of these debt. I don’t have to deal with annoying creditors. They really got my debt reduced and credit card debt is disappearing. I’m very happy.

Lorrie J.

Freedom Debt Relief is doing an effective and efficient job of significantly reducing my credit card debt. Thank you FDR!