It was hard to admit that we needed help. But unforeseen financial circumstances caused more debt than we could handle… In our research, Freedom Debt Relief stood out as one of our best choices to settle and pay up our accounts. It was still humbling and worrisome to make the first call, but Freedom was
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I am not a trusting person. I checked this company out before I contacted them. They are absolutely ‘for real.’ I have never dealt with a nicer group of people. I beat myself up at first for being so stupid to get in a mess like I did. They made me see there was a
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Kerrin W.

I started my debt relief program in November 2014, after being unemployed for over a year and heavily in debt. I just “graduated” as of May 2017, a couple months early of my projected Aug 2017 completion date. To be honest, I have always held a bit of distrust for debt relief services, so I
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I was apprehensive with this concept of debt relief, but have been pleased with the results that have been happening. With the assistance of staff, the phone calls and mailings have all but stopped. The only mail I receive from my creditors is when the timely payments have been received from FDR. I have not
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Terry F.

I absolutely have enjoyed speaking to everyone at Freedom Financial. They do not make you feel bad or uncomfortable, because no one likes to be in this position. I thought I was going to have to face bankruptcy, but with your help I can see the light at the end of the tunnel even though
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Freedom Debt Relief has been super in reducing my stress, this way I don’t have to file bankruptcy. Each person I have spoken has been super supportive, and have not been judgmental at all, and that means a lot.


The amount of help access they give you is amazing, the fact you’re also doing this on your own is outstanding, helping me balance out all of my debt is making my entire life that much easier and stress free about. This is the step to freedom.