Red Nose Day 2020: Freedom Financial Network Supports the Most Vulnerable

Red Nose Day 2020: Freedom Financial Network Supports the Most Vulnerable
Tanya SotosMay 21, 2020
Key Takeaways:
  • Red Nose Day is a program to help end child poverty.
  • The Freedom Financial Network is a strong supporter of Red Nose Day.
  • Join us -- even small donations make a big difference!

Everything feels different from last year; going to the grocery store isn’t the same, working isn’t the same, spending time with others isn’t the same. But that can’t stop Red Nose Day 2020, and it won’t stop the support Freedom Financial Network brings to this effort to help the world’s most vulnerable children overcome poverty. The world has changed, but their need hasn’t – it’s only grown.

What is Red Nose Day?

Red Nose Day began in 2015 as a fun way to increase awareness and raise money to end child poverty in America and throughout the world. It has grown over the years and to date, has raised $200 million and helped more than 25 million children in the U.S. and world-wide.

Each year, more companies, groups, and individuals put their money where their nose was and pitched in with events, videos, social posts, and most important, donations. Just a few of the big names you’ll recognize supporting the Red Nose are NBC, Walgreens, and the Gates Foundation. Last year, Freedom celebrated Red Nose Day with group videos and posts showing our pride and support and with a donation. This year, the way we are showing our support is different, but our commitment is not.

Why does FFN support Red Nose Day?

Red Nose focuses on education, hunger, health, and homelessness as key issues to address in helping kids deal with the most brutal effects of poverty. As Alison Moore, CEO of Comic Relief said in her statement, thanks to COVID-19, already vulnerable communities are now even harder hit. This is most apparent among those who use public schools as not just an educational resource, but a lifeline for nutrition and child care as well. Using our knowledge of how debt and financial stress effects working families, we wanted to help those close to us, and make a direct impact on education and family welfare.

Freedom Financial Network is built around four core values that shape who we are as a company and how we do business. One of these values is caring. This may sound nice in theory, but what does that mean in practice? It means we care not only about our customers and put their needs first, it means we care about our employees and the communities in which we all live and work. In a time when we are working from home and physically apart from each other, Freedom wants to be even closer to those who need help. This video shows a little about what this means to us this year.

What do we do on Red Nose Day?

Last year, we kicked off our first organized support for Red Nose Day with a social campaign to build support from our employees and everyone we came into contact with like our customers, partners, and followers.

This year, we had even bigger plans. With company-wide involvement in both our Tempe, Arizona and San Mateo, California offices, we planned raffles, lunches, a pop-up coffee bar and other events all focused on raising money for Red Nose. We reached out to local school districts in both states to coordinate a campaign to attack school lunch debt for kids in our communities.

When coronavirus hit and schools closed, we had to adapt. Just as we learned to have Zoom brainstorming sessions and take sales calls from our kitchens, we figured we had to help in a different way. Quickly, we worked with our company’s charitable arm, the Freedom Foundation, to help from a distance. Our employees are joining in this year on social media again, but we are proud to give not just our moral support, but a donation from the Foundation of $10,000.

Giving just a little more

This is a tough time, so many people who were fine before are not fine now. We are working overtime, like so many Americans, to keep going in the face of unprecedented change. If you are still doing well, and want to join us in supporting Red Nose Day 2020, you can give here. At Freedom, we will continue to support our customers, communities, and children in need, because that is what we do.

Next year, we can’t wait to do something bigger, and even better. Hope you’ll join us.

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