Our Thanksgiving Savings Tips and What’s Different This Year (Everything!)

Our Thanksgiving Savings Tips and What’s Different This Year (Everything!)
Tanya SotosNovember 12, 2020
Key Takeaways:
  • Good preperation makes for a happy Thanksgiving gathering.
  • Due to COVID many families are having smaller gatherings.
  • Budgeting for meals and planning expenses makes for an even happier Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving 2020. Everything is different, and yet everything is the same — from family, to fall leaves, to pumpkin pie. Maybe we won’t have huge dinners together this year, but celebrating gratitude can still be on the menu. And perhaps more than any other year, it’s important to keep to your budget so you can save more money for paying down debt or other financial goals.

We asked our team here at Freedom Financial Network what really matters to them this year, as they prepare for Thanksgiving. What’s the same, what’s changed, and what tips do they have for sticking with their budget and saving money where they can? Here is our list of great ways to get those Thanksgiving savings and for keeping what’s most important at the top of your list.

Smaller family gatherings save money and keep us safer

We are having only our parents over this year, so just the six of us will celebrate in a smaller, more intimate Thanksgiving party. Our moms will take on some of the cooking and make something special. Since I normally do all the cooking for 10-12 people, this year will be very different!

Tracy Zimmerman, Supervisor, HR

We plan to cook our favorite dish and decorate our courtyard for a small Thanksgiving outdoors at our home. We’ll also do a virtual game night to include more of our family and make some special holiday memories.

Marshelle Barwise, Sales Director, CPlus

Thanksgiving is one of my family’s favorite holidays. We usually average between 40-50 family members from across the county, but this year we had to cancel our joint family gathering. Instead, we will have a Zoom call after dinner so we can be together. For the three families here in Arizona, my sister-in-law is going to share her famous pecan loaf and I will drop off sweet potato pies. My husband and I will make our full Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings.

— Henri Dawes, Director, Learning and Development

Cooking smarter helps keep the budget right

We are doing a potluck Friendsgiving this year. We all decided, as a group, that we will contribute one dish each so no one has to break the bank. My contribution will be my famous Sharp White Cheddar Mac n’ Cheese. It is delicious and never hurts the budget!

Courtney Buycks, Manager, FDR Sales

We just had our first kid, so we won’t be hosting the feast like normal, automatically saving some money. But my best tip for Thanksgiving savings is to make your own pumpkin pie. It’s the easiest pie to make, it’s cheap, and you’ll use ingredients you probably already stocked up on during lockdown. Well, you might not have stocked up on pumpkin, unless you’re a bit weird like me. Put those quarantine baking skills to good use and make this delicious pumpkin pie!

Alex Enabnit, Sr. Writer, Lifecycle Marketing

We are enjoying a Thanksgiving dinner with just our immediate family this year. There are only five of us, so we plan on utilizing the free turkey giveaways in addition to our normal budgeted shopping list. Planning to only make enough for our family, with a little extra for the next morning, always saves some cash. We’ll be sharing our funniest family memories around the dinner table to create joy and laughter. We also agreed on one (fantastic) dessert to lessen those extra calories and avoid waste.

— Allyson Carothers, Sr. Manager, Client Services

Managing your money is important, during the holiday season, and all year around

At Freedom, we are always looking to help consumers learn more about saving money and controlling their debt, not just during the holidays, but all year around. Please come back and visit our blogs for more information on topics ranging from holiday budgets, to credit card debt, to the latest trends in the economy and what it all might mean for you and your family finances.

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