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Financial House Cleaning: How to Organize Your Finances in 2021
Anna Baluch

January 11, 2021

Just like a messy home, messy finances can be stressful and overwhelming. Here are a…

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6 Financial Lessons We Learned from Our Moms
John Russo

May 9, 2019

Here are 6 financial lessons our mothers taught us growing up that stuck with us…

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How to Understand and Conquer Financial Phobia
John Russo

February 2, 2018

If you’re suffering from financial phobia, you’re not alone. Learn more about this fear, how…

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The Best Financial Tips We Learned from Our Dads
John Russo

June 14, 2019

For many of us, our introduction to financial health and planning came from our dad…

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Food Prices Spike: How to Update Your Grocery Budget
Sara Korn

May 22, 2020

Learn how to adjust your food budget to adapt to rising grocery prices and avoid…

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Freedom Debt Relief: Demonstrating Positive Impact for Customers
Freddie Huynh

September 8, 2020

Freedom Debt Relief shares a first of its kind study demonstrating what happens to a…

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Freedom Financial Network Joins the Fintech Racial Equality Coalition
Brad Stroh

August 13, 2020

Now is the time for corporate America to join the fight against inequality. That is…

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Giving to Charity Using the CARES Act Charitable Deductions
Sara Korn

December 10, 2020

The CARES Act allows a special $300 above-the-line tax deduction for cash donations made directly…

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7 Good Financial Habits to Master
Kate Robinson Beckwith

January 13, 2020

Having financial goals is important. Read more about 7 good financial habits to master in…

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The True Cost of Helping Your Kid Pay for College
John Russo

November 5, 2019

Our recent survey revealed that helping your kid through college could cause you undue emotional,…

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