We’ve all heard the phrase “Fake It Until You Make It”, but why should you stop when you “make it”? You could always just keep faking it…just like my friend Yvonne!

Back in our college days, Yvonne would dream of making it big, hoping to achieve financial success so that she could buy nice things and enjoy a cushy lifestyle. As a poor college student, she didn’t have much spare cash, but she still cared about being fashionable. Instead of going broke to buy things she couldn’t afford or charging things on her credit card, she got very creative instead. She turned old clothes and accessories into new creations, making one-of-a-kind pieces that nobody else had. She referred to her style as “cheap chic”.

Over time, people started to take notice and asked her where she bought her amazing clothes. Many of her friends assumed she was rich since she had so many cool items in her wardrobe. Little did they know that most of her outfits cost approximately $50 from head to toe! She definitely had people fooled.

Now, I look back and can’t believe how quickly time has flown by. Yvonne is well-established in her career as a Fashion Editor and has the ability to buy things she used to only dream of. However, maybe she got accustomed to the frugal way of life, because even though she’s financially well-off, she continues to live as though she isn’t. To her, making money has always been a priority, but now, saving money is even more important.

Yvonne’s views have changed since college. Before, she wanted to make money so that she could go on vacations and buy nice things. Now, she’s much more sensible about her finances. She lives a modest life but doesn’t mind splurging from time to time. The rest, she saves and invests. That’s how she continues to build wealth and save for the future.

Just because Yvonne has more money now doesn’t mean she feels the need to be more care-free about her spending. If anything, she insists that she’s even more careful about it. She plans on renovating her house next year, so she is being especially prudent about her finances and putting away money for that project.

To her good luck, Yvonne also happens to be incredibly creative and resourceful. She is a big DIY-er, which is great when you want to save money. She never pays for things she knows she could make herself! Looking at her now, I’m still amazed by Yvonne’s ability to fool people. She looks wealthy (and she is), but she’s also one of the most financially practical people I know. It’s one of the things I admire most about my friend.

The main reason I use Yvonne as an example is to reiterate the importance of saving and being wise with your money, no matter what your financial situation is. Money can provide a certain sense of security, but you don’t have to spend like crazy just because you have a lot of it. Even when you’ve “made it”, you can still be like Yvonne and “fake it”.