Another Tip From Financial Expert and Shark Tank Star Barbara Corcoran:

I’ve been quoted as saying “Everything great in my life always happened on the heels of failure” and to some, that may be a strange thing to say. But failure has taught me how to be great at taking a hit and getting back up again — and I’ve never met a successful person who hasn’t been great at it too.

Let’s be honest. Being in debt might feel like a failure. But guess what? You’re doing something about it. You’re trying to get out of debt. You’ve taken a hit and you’re getting back up again. And that, in my book, makes you a winner.

I got on Shark Tank because at first I failed. They gave my role to someone else at the last minute, and I was told “thanks but no thanks.” And instead of getting sad, I got mad. I wrote the producer a long email thanking him for another rejection I could triumph over, just as I had so many times before. And I suggested he might want to fly me out to compete with the other person for the spot. The rest is history.

See what I did there? I took a bad situation and instead of beating myself up about it, I focused on what I could do with it. That’s the key. Yes, your debt is a bad situation, but you focused on what you could do about it. You did something! You partnered with Freedom Debt Relief and now have experts on your side, helping you fix your debt problem.

But your work isn’t done yet. Whether you’re waiting for your first settlement to be negotiated or your last, keep doing what you can do. Every big downside has an equally big upside, if you are willing to play the hand through.

Stay committed to your monthly deposit schedule, respond to settlement authorizations as quickly as you can, and keep your partners at Freedom Debt Relief in the loop on any changes in your hardship or your finances.

Here’s your chance to prove to yourself that you can overcome any challenge and end up better and stronger on the other side. I’ve done it, and I know you can do it too!

Barbara Corcoran is a paid endorser of Freedom Debt Relief.