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Small Business Debt

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Opening up a small business always seems like a good idea: it helps the local economy, provides jobs and lets you, the owner, do something that you’re passionate about. In fact, Freedom Debt Relief started out as a small business with only five employees. Now, while we are a mid-sized company, our passion for debt
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Manage Medical Debt

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People get into debt for a variety of reasons, one of them being the inability to pay for their medical bills. These bills may come from regular check-ups to emergency room visits, and the costs can quickly add up. It’s a problem that devastates many households each year and according to a 2013 study, it’s
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Credit, Debt, and Relief

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Do you ever look at the word debt and wonder where it came from? It’s a pretty ugly word and the placement of that silent ‘b’ is misleading at best, but that’s the way debt rolls: subtly. And credit cards most certainly operate under the same MO, with hidden fees operating under the guise of
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Characteristics of Debt-Free People

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It takes a lot of work to become debt-free and those lessons tend to stick with people who have struggled to find solid financial footing. But how come some people are able to gain control over their finances, while others continue to drown in past due bills and collections notices? I can tell you one
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Debt Settlement (a.k.a. Debt Resolution)

Posted in: Debt Relief

Debt Settlement – It’s what we do. Throughout my time here at Freedom Debt Relief, I’ve come across clients who have struggled with debt and made the decision to enroll in Freedom’s Fresh Start Program. Many, after completing the program, are now thriving and have gone on to lead healthier financial lives. They’ve been kind
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Happy (Financial) Independence Day!

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Happy July 4th! Today, as we celebrate our nation’s independence, I’d also like to take a moment to congratulate all of our wonderful clients who have worked so hard to resolve their debt and successfully graduated from the Fresh Start Program. We admire your determination to improve your financial situation and your efforts to make
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Introducing the Freedom Debt Relief Blog: Our 2 Cents!

Posted in: Debt Relief

Welcome to the brand new Freedom Debt Relief Blog: Our 2 Cents! We’ve gotten to know many of our wonderful clients throughout the years, most of whom were in serious financial trouble when we first met. During the journey, we’ve helped them address financial issues, come up with solutions, resolve debts, and get on track
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