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5 Not-So-Smart Ways to Pay Off Debt

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Debt payoff is a great goal—whether it’s student loans or credit cards, eliminating what you owe can help you feel free. Any effort to pay off debt is worth the work, yet some types of repayment might make your debt problem worse. As you take control of your debt, learn the repayment tactics to avoid
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Debt Consolidation 101

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People struggling with heavy debt are often told to consolidate their debt. But it’s important to understand that consolidating your debt isn’t the same thing as paying off your debt. And debt consolidation isn’t the same as credit counseling or debt negotiation, either. Simply put, consolidating debt merely means to combine all your debts into
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Before Taking Out a Debt Consolidation Loan

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Thinking about taking out  a debt consolidation loan? Some people with debt problems may consider this option. However, as a consumer, you need to be clear about what debt consolidation really means and know that you are essentially moving debt around. It’s not actually helping you reduce the total amount that you owe. This can
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Will Debt Consolidation Make the Problem Worse?

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With so many competing opinions out there about debt relief, it’s hard to determine which route is the best to take when trying to resolve debt. The truth is – there isn’t one “best way” to do it. It really depends on your specific situation and what goals you are trying to achieve. One of
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