By now you’ve become a pro at this saving thing right? But learning new habits for saving money is never a bad thing — especially if they’re easy like these:

  1. Question your reason for buying.
    Next time you go shopping, stop right before you get to the checkout and look at what you’re about to buy. Ask yourself: Do I really, really need this? If you have to think about it, the answer is probably no.
  2. Sell, sell, sell.
    If you’re like most people, you’ve got tons of stuff in your garage, closets, and your home that you don’t use or need anymore. So get rid of it! Host your own garage sale, put things up for auction or sale online, or make it a community affair and organize a street sale on your block.
  3. Drink more water — from the tap.
    Whenever you dine out, remember that tap water at restaurants is free. Sodas, juices, and especially alcoholic beverages can add a lot to your dinner bill, and they’re not as healthy for you as water. Stop buying bottled water, which can be pricey and bad for the environment, and invest in a container you can refill at home.

You’ve worked hard to create a brighter financial future, now learn how to ensure it. Click for more easy money-saving ideas from Trent Hamm of thesimpledollar.com.