Not sure what to get your loved ones this holiday? Don’t worry – I have a great list of ideas for you, and many of them will cost you little to no money (perfect if you’re trying to clean up your finances!). Nowadays, people have so much unnecessary stuff. Why not give something that’s a bit more meaningful this year? Here are 8 fantastic gifts ideas.

Photo Album – Tell the story of your relationship through photos! Sure, people can share pictures almost instantly these days, but there’s something special about flipping through an album. Get a little crafty and put together something unique for your recipient. I’ll bet they’ll have a wonderful time taking a trip down memory lane with you.

A Meaningful Letter – I’ve always told family and friends that they don’t need to buy me gifts. I have everything that I need. If they insist on giving me something though, what I really enjoy is receiving cards and letters. If it comes from the heart, it’s something that I’ll keep forever.

Cook/Bake Something – Who doesn’t love gastronomical goodies? I know I do! Do you make mouth-watering brownies, or is your lasagna the talk of the town? Why not cook or bake something delicious for others to enjoy? I’m sure it will be very much appreciated!

Recipes – Can’t make your famous dish this year? Why not give the recipe to your loved ones instead? Before my grandmother passed away, she gave me a stack of her hand-written recipe cards. Year later, I had them framed, and they are still some of my most prized possessions.

Personal Playlist – I remember when my friends and I were all poor, college students. We didn’t have much money to spend on each other but we still wanted to exchange gifts during the holidays. By far, the best gift I received that year was a personal playlist from one of my friends. Every song was special to our friendship, and I knew she put a lot of thought into creating it.

Your Time/Skills – Are you a handy person? A Photoshop genius maybe? Could your sewing skills rival those of contestants on Project Runway? Put your talents to good use and help a friend with something that they’re working on. Or maybe take the time to teach them something that they’ve always wanted to learn.

Warehouse Club Membership – One of my friends recently had twin boys, and at her baby shower, most of her guests gave baby-related gifts. I thought it would be nice to give her something that her entire family could make use of – a Costco membership! She was so appreciative, because she knew that the membership could help her save significant money on groceries and household items!

Education – One gift that keeps on giving is the gift of education. Whether you donate to your niece’s college fund or help your friend pay for accounting classes, the gift of education is hard to beat. You may not immediately seem like the coolest aunt or uncle, but what’s cooler than investing in someone’s future?

See?! With the exception of the last two ideas, the rest of the list doesn’t require much financial investment. Great gifts come from the heart, not just the wallet. All you need is a little time and creativity, and your gift is sure to beat anything store bought! Your friends and family will be thrilled, and you’ll keep your finances in check too.