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A 401 (What!?) Plan

Yesterday I got a package in the mail labeled “Time Sensitive Transition Information Enclosed.” Since it was larger than a regular sized envelope and not from a bill collector, I quickly rushed to tear it open. After a cursory read with the words 401K plan, risk, diversify, vest, and blackout period popping out at me,
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Free Water

We can all agree that access to clean and drinkable water is a necessity of human life.  We have all heard the horror story of a friend of a friend who went to Mexico, drank the water and spent their entire vacation cooped up in the bathroom. In this scenario, the seed of mal-hydration has
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(Less) Extreme Couponing

We’ve all seen it: the determined woman in the super market line, with her bag of coupons. Through dedication and a little bit of time, she saves a substantial amount of money on groceries because of her coupon clipping abilities. I always think to myself, “Good for her! I should start clipping coupons too.” It
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Debt and Studying Abroad

After graduating from college, I had a minor bout of credit card debt. As much as I would like to admit that I racked up my balances from textbooks and other educational fundamentals, in all honesty, it was the semester in France where I stuffed my face with fresh-made croissants, choked down liters of Belgian beer,
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Used Car

My very first car cost me under $1,000.00. Granted it was a 1992 Buick Roadmaster with the tackiest fake wood siding and took about three turns of the key to start, Shelly successfully transported me to high school and back, even in the snowy tundra that is winter in New England. She eventually died on
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