Staying on Schedule

What is your Dedicated Account? It is the account into which you make your monthly program deposit. It holds funds until enough have accumulated for us to negotiate settlements on your behalf. After you approve a settlement we’ve negotiated for you, the settlement amount gets paid to your creditor from this account.

It’s your account, your money, you control it! You are always in charge of your program and your financial freedom. However, we can only deliver on our service when you stay committed. Therefore, you should avoid skipping or delaying deposits you make into your Dedicated Account.

So what happens if you skip or delay a deposit? It could prolong your debt-free date and hurt our ability to negotiate your next settlement. Worse yet, if you have any prior settlements in repayment, you could lose that settlement and the corresponding savings it represents — basically, nothing good.

Our ability to settle accounts relies on you. Your commitment to building up and maintaining the funds in your Dedicated Account allows us to negotiate and secure every one of your settlements.

How to help keep those account settlements coming! Each one puts you closer to your debt-free date, and your financial freedom looks brighter than ever.

  • Set reminders on your calendar at least 5 days prior to your deposit date to ensure funds are available to go into your Dedicated Account.
  • Check your settlement status updates on your Client Dashboard every month.
  • Reach out and talk to us if you ever need to modify your deposit schedule. It’s ok, we understand life happens sometimes. We just need to know about it so we can make any adjustments on our end to keep you on the road to financial freedom.

Remember we’re a team. Together we share one goal: Your financial freedom. You do your part, we’ll do ours. When this team works together, you win. It’s that simple.