Here’s how to make the most of your Freedom Debt Relief program.

Number 1 – Remember we’re a team
Together we share one goal: Your financial freedom. And to help you get there faster, we count on you to:

  • Make deposits to your Dedicated Account
  • Review and authorize settlements quickly
  • Keep us posted on all changes related to your program (creditor, job/income, and contact info changes, etc.)

You do your part, we’ll do ours. When this team works together, you win. It’s that simple.

Number 2 – Send us your enrollment forms
In addition to walking you through every aspect of the FDR program, your Welcome Pack contains three critical forms you must complete and return to us:

  • Authorization to Communicate with Creditors and Collection Agencies
  • Request to Cease Further Communication
  • Financial Hardship Statement

The sooner we get these documents, the sooner we can negotiate settlements.

Didn’t receive your Welcome Pack yet? Don’t worry — you can always download one from your Client Dashboard.

Number 3 – Keep us in the loop
As your partner, we need to know whenever there are changes or events in your life that could affect settlement negotiations, such as:

  • A change in creditor relationship
  • Address or contact information changes
  • A change in your employment status

Reach out to us anytime, through your Client Dashboard, over the phone at 1-800-655-6303 or email — whichever you prefer.

Number 4 – Stay the course
Getting out of debt isn’t easy for any of our clients. If it ever feels like creditors and collection agencies are against you, know that we are always on your side — working to resolve your debt. And remember:

  • Bad debt happens to good people
  • You are doing the right thing, keep going
  • Your next settlement could be right around the corner

We don’t want repeat customers, we want to help you reach financial freedom and live a debt-free life!

Number 5 – Bookmark your Client Dashboard
It’s your mission control for your FDR program and the best, easiest place to:

  • Monitor negotiation activity
  • Manage account information
  • Communicate with Client Services
  • Track progress toward your debt-free date

Haven’t been to your Client Dashboard yet? Log in now to take a tour.