Get to know the team behind Freedom Debt Relief! Today, we will highlight Loretta O’Donnell.

“Hi! My name is Loretta O’Donnell, and I’m a Human Resources Recruiter at Freedom. I’ve been with the company since January 2012.

On a regular basis, I work with California and Arizona hiring managers to staff open positions. The impact of hiring the right person, whether directly working with clients or not, impacts our organization’s culture and ultimately our valued clients.

One of the best parts about Freedom Debt Relief is the opportunity to work with a diverse group, to partner and have a hand in our growth and success!

Most of my recruiting experience has been in a corporate environment in which change or improving a process may require sometimes layers of red-tape and approvals; not so at Freedom which is privately held.

Like many organizations, a yearly employee survey is sent out and all are encouraged to give feedback. What I found at Freedom Debt Relief was seeing changes and initiatives happening because of the employee survey.

In addition, one specific addition to our benefit and perks is the paid time off for giving back to the community. That speaks volumes and reflects on the compassion we have as an organization about our community. It’s these types of refreshing and innovative benefits that help attract and retain the best in the industry.

If you are interested in resolving debt with Freedom Debt Relief, I assure you that you will find compassion and professionalism from every teammate you come across. There is so much that we do as an organization behind the scenes to help make the process as seamless as possible for our clients, ultimately leading to their completion of the program and reaching their financial goals!”