Overeating and debt have a lot in common.  Like the facility of chugging ice-cold eggnog, it’s easy to charge things on your credit card in a frenzy of impulse buys. For instance, the act of going to the grocery store on an empty stomach can encompass both gluttony and spendthrift. As your stomach is growling and you look in your cart, you say to yourself, “Am I really going to eat bibb lettuce and toilet paper for dinner tonight?”

For me, as soon as my cart hits the frozen food section, it’s over: the boxes of pizza and ice cream can hear my rolling cart and appetite as I make the inevitable turn down the frigid aisle. To draw a comparison to Jurassic Park, it’s as if I’m a T-Rex and the frozen foods are the children in the SUV watching water in the glass shake as I approach closer and closer. But does it always have to be like this?  Where does the line between discipline and logic get crossed? Will I actually eat a blood-sucking lawyer out of sheer hunger?

The answer to the latter is no, but it’s easy to let yourself get carried away with credit card debt and overeating. Especially amidst the holiday season, society places an unnecessary burden for people to provide for their families. Not in the traditional sense with food, water, and shelter, but more millennial and new age: video games, DVDs that you will only ever watch half of, and the latest electronic gadgets.  All of sudden, and I’m sure Black Friday can attest, we have morphed into the T-Rex from Jurassic Park consuming (or swiping) everything in our path.

As a debt relief company, we would not be in business if consumers were not financially in over their heads, but this does not mean we do not care about our clients’ well being. This holiday, try your best to keep your appetite, financial and otherwise, in check.  Remember, when one part of your life begins to indulge, it’s easier to let other facets follow suit.

One thing we will allow though, is the chugging of eggnog. Cheers to a happy and safe holiday!