No vacation? How about a staycation!?

Haven’t been able to afford your yearly vacation to Hawaii this year? Decided to skip the romp to the islands in order to save a few greenbacks? Was it more of a priority to take care of your outstanding debt that has been precariously looming over your head like a dark cloud? Well, good for you! But it’s never too late to have some fun too. Just because you cannot sit on Lahaina Beach with a $15 Mai Tai in your hand does not mean that you and the family cannot enjoy a little R&R this year.

May I present to you, the mighty, yet humble staycation!

Many of my friends, myself included, have opted for the more cost effective staycation this year rather than shelling out major clams on a trip. When someone first explained to me that a staycation is where you avoid the heavy costs of traveling to enjoy a local vacation, I first thought “Geez, how boring! What am I going to do? Sit on the couch all day, watch the Travel Channel, and dream of zip lining in Kona?” Well, once I did a bit of research and applied some creativity to my thought process, I realized that there are plenty of fun, cost effective things to do that are close to home. Plus, I wouldn’t get eaten by mosquitoes and potentially catch malaria from being in the rain forest!

So, are you missing the pool at the Hilton in Maui? Well, I bet that there is a public pool close to where you live. Or maybe a lake that you can spend the day at? Or even better, a water park with tall, scary waterslides. Oooooh! Grab the kids, pack a lunch, and make a day of it. And be sure not to forget the sunblock! Baby lobsters are pretty cute, but you wouldn’t want your child to look like one.

Had to pass on that camping trip to Yellowstone this year? Don’t fret! Old Faithful has been there for a long time, and it will probably be there next year. I bet there are a bunch of public parks good for camping within driving distance. If that is not an option, how about having a campout in your backyard? There is nothing like huddling together with a flashlight, eating smores and telling ghost stories. And what is the best thing about camping in your backyard? The bathroom is close, clean and free of snakes!

Missing out on a cultural vacation to Europe perhaps? Is there a museum close by? If so, go! Museums are a fun, inexpensive and an educational way to spend the day. Then plan an Italian dinner at home that night. Making pizza at home is fun, and it saves a lot of dough. Get it? Dough. My choice:  pepperoni, sausage, olives and extra cheese. Follow that up with gelato and a movie. Eccellente!

Ok, truth serum time. Whenever I go on a co-ed vacation, and the guys go golfing and the gals hit the spa, I always hang with the gals. I am a sucker for white robes and free slippers. But spas can be expensive. So here are a few ideas on how to create a spa-like experience in your own home:

  1. Play relaxing music and use aromatherapy candles throughout the house to set the mood.
  2. Research home recipes to create your own facials and body scrubs.
  3. Do yoga and meditate.  Just relax……

Well, hopefully you are feeling a bit better knowing that there are other ways to enjoy your summer rather than “making it rain” in Kauai. Do some research, be creative, and most importantly, just relax! You’ll save yourself money while you’re at it!