Caution: Harry Potter Spoiler Alert!

Do we have any Harry Potter fans out there? I’m a geek when it comes to that stuff, and this weekend, I did a full movie marathon on the series. For some reason, it just doesn’t get old for me.

I’ve seen the movies multiple times, so I was half watching and half browsing work-related stuff on my laptop. A funny side effect of performing dual activities is that I started making correlations between what I was seeing on the 2 screens.

This blog was fresh in my mind, and I found myself thinking, “Geez. Voldemort is despicable, almost as much as debt is.”

I know you’re probably wondering how on earth I came up with that association, but trust me, the 2 have a lot more in common than you may think! Here are my top 4 reasons why Lord Voldemort and debt are so similar:

1) Lord Voldemort was known to many in the Wizarding World as “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.” Wizards were so freaked out by this guy that the sheer mention of his name sent them into frenzy, but just because he wasn’t spoken about doesn’t mean he ceased to exist.

Many debtors act the same way. They are embarrassed by their debt and don’t want their friends to know about it. Since debt is perceived as something negative, some lie about their situation or deny they even have a problem. The thing is – debt is still there whether you acknowledge it or not.

2) Unlike regular magical folk, Lord Voldemort isn’t usually seen out and about, strolling around town. In the first few movies, he was largely lurking in the shadows, buying time until he got more powerful and was able to round up his followers.  Only then was he able to wreak real havoc and disrupt daily life.

Debt is very much the same way. It often starts out smaller, but if ignored, it can quickly become unmanageable. Don’t put off dealing with the issue. It may not seem like a top priority at the moment, but it can turn into a real monster. Believe it or not, debt has the ability to affect many aspects of life, enough to really bring you down.

3) In the Harry Potter series, the Wizarding World knew dark forces were out there, plotting and waiting for the right chance to attack. Even during happier times, they would never feel 100% safe knowing Lord Voldemort was alive and gaining strength. Although people were able to go about their daily lives, they knew that danger was looming nearby.

When you have debt, you may be able to forget about it for a while, but deep down, you know it’s a problem. Maybe your creditors have already started calling, or you’re seeing more delinquent notices in the mail. Until you commit to getting out of debt and actively work towards resolving it, it will prevent you from ever feeling “safe”.

4) Only the most evil wizards like Voldemort split their souls and store them into horcruxes. That made Harry, Ron, & Hermione’s job a whole lot harder when they sought to kill him. The only way they could defeat Voldemort once and for all was by finding and destroying his 7 horcruxes before “Avada Kedavra”-ing him at the end.

Ok, this comparison may be a bit more extreme, but hear me out. Most debtors have multiple debts. Understandably, the only way to resolve it in its entirety is to clear up every single account. Whether you choose to pay down debt on your own, enroll in a debt resolution program, or use another method, your debt isn’t fully resolved until all of the accounts have been taken care of!

While there are more comparisons we can make, what I’m trying to say is that Voldemort is bad, through and through. Bad debts are too, especially credit card debt and debt taken on for things you don’t need or can’t afford. There are good debts (i.e. a mortgage you can afford), but for this comparison, we are referring to the bad ones.

So, the next time you think about shrugging off your debt problem, visualize Voldemort’s hideous face and ask yourself if it’s something you want to look at. If not, it’s time to get serious about cleaning up your finances. Don’t worry though – just like Harry Potter, you don’t have to do this alone. Think of all of us here at Freedom Debt Relief as your biggest supporters. Remember, we win only when you win.

Until next time,
The Freedom Family