Welcome to the brand new Freedom Debt Relief Blog: Our 2 Cents!

We’ve gotten to know many of our wonderful clients throughout the years, most of whom were in serious financial trouble when we first met. During the journey, we’ve helped them address financial issues, come up with solutions, resolve debts, and get on track to a better financial future. It is one of our greatest joys knowing that we can help people through tough times, and put them on a sustainable path going forward.  It’s what motivates us to keep working to help others in similar situations.

So, why a blog? The main reason we’re blogging is because we want a less formal place to share knowledge and connect with you, our valued clients.  Here you’ll find tips and ideas, personal stories, comments on current financial events, and tools to help you achieve financial goals. We hope that it will provide some insights and ideas you find interesting and valuable and that it will allow you to get to know us – the Freedom Family – a bit better.

We know that debt and finance aren’t the most exciting topics to talk about, but we’ll do what we can to make this blog interesting, while also supporting you on your path to financial freedom.

We have tons of great posts lined up, so make sure to check back early and often!

Andrew Housser
CEO of Freedom Debt Relief